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Kalypse is a couture house that creates wetsuits for the ocean: diving, kitesurfing and swimming. Each piece is unique and designed to combine superior style, performance and comfort in action.

Kalypse being a bold brand adds value to the design and innovation. Our products are influenced by the combination of French design and the use of modern manufacturing techniques, taking advantage of our exclusive 3D design tools and state of the art production flows.

Made in France

Kalypse is synonymous with excellence as all the wetsuits Kalypse produces are fully handmade in a workshop in Montpellier, France. The wetsuit design is the result of a long lasting, collaborative partnership between Kalypse and industry experts including professionnal divers and instructors.

Our fully controlled production cycle incorporates rigorous quality assurance processes, enabling us to offer a 3-years warranty to all our customers.

5 chapters, 1 story

picto-kalypse-style 1 – Design

« What is art, if not what forms become style? » Jean-Luc Godard
Unique works of art – each Kalypse wetsuit fits and is modified for all the body shapes for both men and women.
This has been achieved by our creative design department through research into the best ways of using natural lines, contouring and color to maximize elegance of the suit.
Nathalie Sczerbinsky, the designer works on the proportions, the design lines, the panels, revealing a character trait, a personality, making each piece unique.
Each wetsuit meets the requirement of elegance like never seen before : Kalypse is a couture house combining performance, design and creativity.

picto-kalypse-modelisation 2 – A bold 3D Design

Kalypse has developed a revolutionary know-how that uses state of the art measurement techniques to ensure our customers receive an unmatched Fit and Feel. This technology provides an optimal thermal protection and outstanding agility in the water when wearing this unique garment.
This is achieved through the use of an exclusive 3D software that enables our designers to optimize their designs for all our customers needs.


kalypse-picto-personnalisation3 – Culture of custom fit

The Kalypse wetsuits are individually tailored, assembled and numbered enabling each product to be tracked throughout the manufacturing process.
The house of Kalypse has forged closer connections with its customers by allowing them to choose the model and customize his/her wetsuit to the smallest details including the neopren colors, and the colour of the thread.

picto-kalypse-coupe 4 – The art of cutting

Each segment of the wetsuit is individually sized and cut out of advanced neoprene (synthetic rubber material), that offers optimal thermal protection and outstanding agility.
Our advanced digital cutting technique guarantees each piece to be sized to the highest precision, ensuring a continuous surface finish.

Choix de couleur pour la personnalisation des combinaisons de plongées Kalypse

PICTO_KALYPSE_COLLAGE5 – Controlling Handcraft : Gluing and sewing

The quality of each haute couture wetsuit is the result of successive and intricate handmade techniques used during the manufacture process.
The primary and most critical steps are gluing and sewing when first assembling the Kalypse wetsuit.
Kalypse uses a novel Air Pressure Control System in order to optimize the adhesive effect of the glue and avoid air bubbles.
In addition, years of experience in wetsuit design and manufacturing have resulted in an exceptional overlock seam quality, that can be foud in all of our products.

Combinaisons de plongée design by Kalypse


A few words from our designer :

image-kalypse-temoignagne-stylisteWhen I fisrt started working on a wetsuit design, it was a new challenge for me. After discussing and researching with my network of friends I discovered the following : a lot of women feel that wetsuits brands do not consider the way women feel and look in their wetsuit and as a result women feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, my challenge was to create wetsuits that evolved around female morphology to allow all women to feel good in their wetsuit.
While creating the women’s collection, I was inspired by the ‘’ Bond Girl’’. A woman that is both athletic and elegant and possesses style. I was also inspired by the jewelry and ornaments of African goddesses that emphasized the neck, the wrists and the ankles.

With the Kalypse team, we defined the proportions and cut the patterns then incorporated fashion trends and requirements in every wetsuit design. image-kalypse-temoignagne-styliste-off

Nathalie Szczerbinski-Marchac